Complete patient enrolment at your fingertips

EnrolWise is designed to remove the problems caused by incomplete, invalid or missing enrolment documents.

Simply load your forms to EnrolWise for processing. Your enrolments will be validated against current business rules and you’ll receive reports on identified gaps in information.

With EnrolWise, your enrolment database becomes a portal for easy enrolment management. It may be used to assist enrolment audit by the New Zealand Ministry of Health.

How much EnrolWise saves you

Your practice receives capitation based on the number of enrolled patients. If an audit finds that some of those enrolments are invalid, you’re liable for claw back of that capitation.

For a practice with 5000 patients, every 5% of invalid enrolments can represent $10,000 of claw back liability per funding quarter. By using EnrolWise, your practice can eliminate this very real risk to your finances.

“Patient registers have continued to be a focus for Ministry audits (with) ineligible patients estimated at $10 Million a year.” – NZ Doctor, October 2011

Getting EnrolWise

EnrolWise can be delivered anywhere in New Zealand. Ask us what you need to connect today.

One-time setup cost:               $495.00

Ongoing costs are based on your number of patients.

Contact us to find out more.