New Zealand based PMS hosting for health providers

HostWise is the fully managed information hub for your practice. Your secure HostWise practice connection doesn’t just provide PMS hosting. It enables a private and fully virtual clinical home that can be accessed safely from anywhere – your practice, home, bach or via mobile device.

Your data will be housed in a secure New Zealand location managed by professionals who understand the special demands of healthcare, including privacy protocols.

Free your practice of IT hassles

HostWise frees you from having to manage your own computer systems, allowing you to focus on the clinical aspect of your work.

In addition, you gain access to a support team who can assist with technical and practice services during business hours.

Your monthly fee is easy to budget for and avoids the need for expensive capital outlays. You can choose the level of service and add-ons your business needs.

How HostWise works

All your data is migrated from your current IT infrastructure to a secure New Zealand data centre that gives you access to data-hosting, Internet, NZ Health Intranet, business continuity as well as software and application management. You can add additional software and medical devices to aid your business processes.

Getting HostWise

When you decide to get HostWise, a PrimeWise specialist will work with you to identify your business requirements and tailor a package to your unique needs.

Package Service Level
HostWise Basic PMS hosting, secure network connection plus intrusion protection
HostWise Premium HostWise Basic + internet/Health Intranet + provider email addresses + integrated software, e.g. MIMS, Office
Add-Ons Contact us to discuss integration of your other software/devices